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Our Value

Mission and Vision

Our mission is that we align with our
hospital partners and improve the
well-being of our patients and
communities by delivering compassionate, patient-centered health care through locally engaged
physician partners.

Our vision is that we will define the
ethos of an exceptional physician
group: one that is involved in providing
excellence of care and community

Hospital Corridor
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Your hospital has a vested interest in
providing quality care through
physicians who embody your
commitment to the local community.
We have developed a transparent
service model and philosophy in
which we meet your needs. Our
physician partners are committed
and aligned through group
partnership to their local community.

Physician Buy-in

Elite Physician Partners  is comprised of local physicians who are interested in local practice.

Instead of hiring disengaged traveling
physicians who are interested in the
highest bid, Dr. Padron and Dr.
Scheppke have partnered with other
local physicians who want to plant
roots and provide excellent service to
their community.

Chart & Stethoscope

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